10 things to do

The Romagna delle Rocche, with fortresses located on rocky spurs of Spungone or in the heart of the urban fabric, offers its visitors a fairytale scenery.

The flavours, the scents and the sensations will be amplified by the breathtaking views, surrounded by the greenery of the hills rich in tradition and history. All these wonders represent an instrument able to stimulate all five senses and are the pride and joy of the territory.

Discover the Territory 1.Flavours

The Romagna cuisine has agricultural traditions, it is rich in flavours and has a variety of good quality ingredients.

Among the typical products of Romagna land of Spungone there are many wines, cheeses, oils and other well-known culinary excellences. Then again Romagna is one of the Regions with more (Dop and PGI) certifications in Europe


Discover the Territory 2. Wine

Sangiovese and Albana, are king and queen of Romagna land of Spungone.

The first one, in all its various shades, gives an intense flavour, sincere and passionate like the soul of Romagna. The second one which has been cultivated for more than two thousand years, is golden with a marked and multi-faceted personality.

Discover the Territory 3. Fortresses

Built on large outcrops or spurs of Spungone, the fortresses of Bertinoro, Meldola, Predappio and Castrocaro, which also belonged to important feudal families, watch over the respective valleys from the top of the hills.

Discover the Territory 4. Wellness

The hills offer ample space for spas surrounded by nature.

These centres are able to offer specialized modern services, that together with swimming pools, saunas and beauty treatments, are focused on wellness, on relaxation and the psychophysical health of the guests.

Discover the Territory 5. Excursions

Romagna land of Spungone is a territory that extends for over 150sq km and presents wonderful views.

Here there are bike and trekking excursions that will allow you to get to know the vast natural, cultural and production heritage that makes life in these hills so rich, beautiful and tasty.


Discover the Territory 6. Events

Romagna land of Spungone is a territory rich in events. From the traditional village fairs with century old origins, to the good luck rituals, from the contests between the villages and historical enactments of medieval groups. The calendar is rich of events for every season.

Discover the Territory 7. Museums

The cultural heritage of Romagna land of Spungone also presents some interesting original museums, not just containers of dusty objects but real treasure troves of history suitable for all those who are curious about culture.

Discover the Territory 8. Ancient Churches and Parishes

Romagna land of Spungone offers its guests a landscape packed with ancient churches and parishes, with some parts made of calcareous Spungone stone, some of Roman origin, others Byzantine, others still in Renaissance style, in which even the great Dante stopped to pray during his travels.


Discover the Territory 9. Views

A must for lovers of history, architecture and food and wine, Romagna land of Spungone offers a territory full of places of particular charm and scattered with spectacular views among the hills.

Discover the Territory 10. Historical places

Thanks to its geographical position, Romagna land of Spungone was and still is a reference point of tradition, hospitality and of the spirit that distinguishes this land rich in wonders, that conquered even Dante.