Villages and Fortresses of Romagna


Romagna Villages and Fortresses Bertinoro

Built on top of Mount Cesubeo, overlooking the entire Romagna valley, the Bertinoro Fortress is one of the most ancient castles in all of Romagna: square blocks of spungone were used for its construction, which pre-dates the 10th century.

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Romagna Villages and Fortresses Castrocaro e Terra del Sole

From high on the rocky spur (the characteristic "spungone stone" born from the marine deposits which settled here in the Pliocene Agal) the Castrocaro Fortress dominates the ancient village and the underiying Montone valley, offering a bird's- eye-view of Romagna's hills and countryside all the way to the Adriatic.

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Romagna Villages and Fortresses Predappio

Erected some time between the 9th and 10th centuries by local feudal lords – like other fortresses in the area, for example the Rocca delle Caminate and the Elmici Fortress – in 909 it belonged to Forlì’s noble Calboli family, who endowed it with a defensive structure.

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Romagna Villages and Fortresses Meldola

The Meldola Fortress has a turbulent history: changing hands multiple times, besieged and conquered by opposing factions, despoiled, damaged in an earthquake...

Built on a rocky mass that dominates the town, it’s one of the biggest fortresses in Romagna, and the citizens of Meldola are particularly proud of it.

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Romagna Villages and Fortresses Forlimpopoli

Unlike the other fortresses in the circuit, perched atop rocky crests, the one in Forlimpopoli is located in the lowlands. Built to protect the surrounding area, it was erected between 1361 and 1363 by Cardinal Egidio d’Albornoz upon the ruins of the Romanesque cathedral which he himself had ordered torn down during the course of the battles against the Ghibellines.

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Timetables and References

Fortress Timetable | Indications Visits References
Bertinoro Accessible by reservation.
For information on opening hours and days, contact the Interfaith Museum or visit the dedicated page on
Bertinoro Interfaith Museum
0543 446598
Tourism and culture office
0543 469213
Castrocaro e Terra del Sole Saturday from 15:00 to 19:00
Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 13:00 e dalle 15:00 alle 19:00
From June to September the afternoon time is postponed by one hour (16:00 - 20:00)
Rate: full price € 5.00 - reduced € 4.00 (over 65 and children up to 14) - free for children under 10
Pro Loco Castrocaro Terme (Elio Caruso)
+39 0543 769541 / +39 339 4991560
Predappio For information contact the IAT Tourist Information and Reception Office in Predappio. Tourist Information and Reception Office Predappio
0543 921766
Meldola The fortress is open to the public during events. For more information, contact the culture office of the Municipality of Meldola. Culture Office
0543 499452
Forlimpopoli The entire structure of the Forlimpopoli fortress cannot be visited.
It is possible to access the rooms on the ground floor of the building that house the MAF - "T. Aldini" Archaeological Museum of Forlimpopoli, as well as the temporary seat of the Tourist Information Office (UIT).
On the occasion of guided tours it is also possible to visit the "G. Verdi" theater and the walkways of the Rocca.
Tourist Information Office (UIT)
+39 337 1180314